Penn West Conference


Allegheny Open Arms United Church of Christ

18 Schubert Street, Pittsburgh PA  15212



Community of Reconciliation

100 North Bellefield Ave, Pittsburgh PA  15213


The Rev. Elizabeth Michael Ross, Pastor

100 North Bellefield Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213



The Rev. Thomas E. Johnson, Jr., Pastor Associate

8026 Susquehanna Street, Pittsburgh PA 15221


First United Church of Christ, Millvale

425 North Avenue, Pittsburgh PA  15209



The Rev. Alice Lindsay Bignell, Pastor


Grace United Church of Christ

100 South 7th Street, Duquesne PA  15110



The Rev. James Condron, Pastor
109 S 4th Street, Duquesne PA 15110



Mt. Troy United Church of Christ

2023 E. Homestead St, Pittsburgh PA 15212



Mr. Ron Pedersen, Jr, Licensed Minister
231 James Street, N Versailles PA 15137


Smithfield United Church of Christ

620 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh PA 15222



The Rev. J. Douglas Patterson, Pastor


The Rev. Dr. Susan Cherian, Associate Pastor

Sean O'Donnel, Office Manager


Ms. Rena Thomas, Church Administrator


St. John’s United Church of Christ

501 East Main St, Evans City PA 16033



The Rev. Lisa Griffin, Pastor
644 Ridgemont Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15220


St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

127 Constitution Ave, Connoquenessing PA 16027

Mr. Norman Tutino, Licensed Minister

224 Reis Run Road, Pittsburgh PA 15237


St. Peter’s Evangelical & Reformed UCC

6935 Lemington Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15206



Mr. Barry Bowser, Licensed Minister
Mrs. Catherine Bowser, Licensed Minister

45 Heights Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15209


St. Peter’s United Church of Christ, Spring Garden

18 Schubert St, Pittsburgh PA 15212


Ms. Joyce Giebel, Consistory President

2876 Mt. Troy Road, Pittsburgh PA 15212

Trinity United Church of Christ

3712 Saxonburg Blvd, Pittsburgh PA  15238


The Rev. David Mears, Pastor
3409 Woodlake Court, Allison Park 15101